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Yes, don’t hesitate! We will bring them back to you on your next order full of goodies, with the guarantee of a use just for you of course!

Most of them come from the Alpilles and our region, because we are convinced that eating and consuming locally is the key to preserving our environment but also our health, with vitamins that are not lost in transport, and from producers that we know!

We simply offer the products that we buy and consume from us! I was fortunate to have parents who were always very careful about what I ate as a child, even living in a big city. Then, by becoming a mother and moving to the countryside, I kept this taste for local shops, this pleasure of meeting people passionate about their work, unprocessed products, quality before quantity. Obviously this comes at a cost, and it’s a chance to be able to offer good things to family and friends. But it is also a choice, a commitment for oneself, for one’s health and personal well-being, an approach towards our economy and our environment.

We chose a new and electric vehicle, recognizing the limits and other pollution also generated by this type of energy. There is currently no miracle solution, we are going to install photovoltaic panels on the dispatch rider to allow it to gain autonomy. The principle of the tour allows us to optimize the routes, avoiding unnecessary round trips. Thank you for participating in this effort with us, sometimes planning a little early or late on the tour.


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